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NANOVEA Nano/Micro Hardness & Scratch Tester
This system can be used for microscopic and nanoscopic hardness and scratch testing and can be used to determine hardness, young’s modulus, and creep information about materials, protective coatings, and thin films.

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Test Space
Nanovea Microscope Imaging System: Optical Magnification – 50x, 200x and 500x
    Nano Mechanical Module: Scratch and Hardness nano-module
    Loading system for 0 – 400mN loading range
    Resolution down to 0.003mN
    High Resolution Capacitor Depth Sensor (resolution 0.1nm)

Nano Mechanical Module: Scratch micro-module
     Loading system for 0–40N loading range
     Resolution down to 0.75mN
     Depth measured with Z motor encoders (resolution of 10nm)

Nanovea Scratch Software Package:Complete scratch testing
     Scratch at constant or increasing loads
     Multi-pass scratch testing for linear wear evaluation
     Precise control of all the scratch parameters such as scratch length, scratch speed and loading rate

Nanovea Hardness Software Package: Micro-Hardness Analysis Software
     Depth versus load curves
     Hardness & Young’s modulus
Key Features :
  • Microscopic hardness testing
  • Microscopic scratch testing
  • Nanoscopic hardness testing
  • Nanoscopic scratch testing
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