Metlab SDSU Business
What we do - METLAB Services

METLAB tries to make it easy for you to do business with us. Follow the steps below:

  • Contact METLAB and tell us about your project.*
  • Request a quote if you need one.
  • Download the sample submittal form. Fill it out and send it with your samples to our lab.
  • Email and let us know if you will be present for your testing.
  • METLAB will schedule your testing.
  • METLAB will perform your testing.
  • METLAB will send you your data and an invoice.
  • METLAB will send you your spent samples if you want them back and marked that on your submittal form**.

Tell METLAB if you need us to sign an NDA before sharing project details.
Make sure you include your FedEx or UPS account number on your sample submittal form.

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